Tops Among Eco Friendly Dunedin, Florida Hotels

As a Best Western Certified Eco Friendly Hotel, we offer guests the peace of mind that comes from staying at a hotel that’s committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Here in Dunedin, our idyllic surroundings remind us of the importance of preserving the environment we all cherish. By taking key steps to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage sustainable practices, our hotel aims to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Our Eco-Friendly Policies and Practices

When it comes to sustainability, small steps make all the difference—like, for example, using keycard sleeves made from recycled paper and vegetable oil-based inks. What’s more, all of rooms are equipped with energy efficient appliances and fixtures. Backed by one of the greenest hotel brands in the country, the Yacht Harbor Inn benefits from Best Western’s extensive network of eco-friendly resources including workshops, green suppliers, ENERGY STAR® appliances and on-site green program coordinators.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The BEST WESTERN Yacht Harbor Inn is the preferred Dunedin hotel for guests with electric vehicles. Onsite, you’ll find charging stations from both Nova Charge and Charge Point.

For environmentally responsible accommodations, choose the BEST WESTERN Yacht Harbor Inn, one of the top eco-friendly Dunedin, Florida hotels.